1st International Correctional Research Symposium

27th December 2016

ICPA in collaboration with EuroPris and the Belgian Prison Service is organising on 27-29 March 2017 in Ghent, the first International Correctional Research Symposium. The  two-day conference aims to improve the ways we conduct research in corrections. Having an accurate and understandable picture of the situation within corrections is crucial for making decisions with regards to how prisoners and ex-offenders are managed and for future planning on a local basis. Information gleaned on a local level is aggregated on a national level to inform heads of service, ministers and policymakers. Furthermore, many academics, NGOs and non-profit organisations conduct research to try to compare this information on an inter-jurisdictional basis. This conference […]

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Justice and the Children of Incarcerated Parents: An International Conference

28th July 2016

INCCIP, the International Coalition for the Children of Incarcerated Parents, is pleased to announce the first conference hosted by the Coalition will be held in Auckland, New Zealand between 20-23 March 2017.  The conference has a number of themes including research, advocacy, working with the children of prisoners and including the voices of families and children. The conference will be held in Auckland, New Zealand, from 20th to 23rd March 2017.  On this website, please find some information about the conference, themes and timetable and a call for papers, workshops and symposia. The call for papers is now open, and registration details will be added later. For more information, please CLICK […]

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The Use of Electronic Monitoring in Europe: UK and European Perspectives – London Conference

2nd December 2015

This conference will provide an opportunity to hear about, and engage with, the findings of the European Commission funded project entitled ‘Creativity and Effectiveness in the use electronic monitoring (EM) as an alternative to imprisonment in EU member states’. The research was carried out in five jurisdictions (Belgium, England & Wales, Germany, the Netherlands and Scotland) providing up-to-date analysis of current and future uses of EM in each jurisdiction as well as insights gained from the first comparative EM research in the EU. At each event the main findings of the comparative and relevant jurisdictional research will be presented and critically reflections will be provided by academic experts, policy-makers and […]

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