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Turning Research into Action

31st May 2016

Few would dispute that in advancing corrections, or progressive criminal justice policy more generally, we should be guided by ‘evidence’. We keep hearing the refrain that what we do should be evidence-based. But what evidence should we be using, where is it, how do we find it, and how do we try to understand it. A major disconnect in the field is that ‘what we know’ is published mostly in academic journals, read mostly by other academics and researchers. But evidence is of little value unless it is understood and put into action. What we know has difficulty becoming ‘what we do’ if it can’t be easily digested and appreciated […]

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University of New Brunswick – Offender Case Management Study

9th February 2016

Researchers at the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies at the University of New Brunswick Saint John Campus are conducting a survey on current offender case management and supervision practices in the field. The purpose of the current study is to gather information to help inform case management application procedures and training development for staff. This research study is being conducted by Cailey Gilmurray, a graduate student, and her supervisor, Dr. Mary Ann Campbell, Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Studies and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the Saint John Campus of the University of New Brunswick. In order to be eligible to participate in the current […]

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