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An Inspection of Through the Gate Resettlement Services for Short-Term Prisoners

A joint inspection by HM Inspectorate of Probation and HM Inspectrate of Prisons. ‘Through the Gate’ is a flagship policy of government, intended to bring about a step change in rehabilitation, and so reduce reoffending. New services have been rolled out in prisons to prepare prisoners for release and resettlement and increase their prospects of leading a better life. When the policy was introduced in spring 2015, post-release licence supervision and rehabilitation support was extended to those formerly ineligible (serving short sentences) so as to increase the impact on reoffending overall. Released October 2016

(679.88 KB) | 4. October 2016 | Author: HM Inspectorate of Probation and HM Inspectrate of Prisons
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Transposing Mandela Blueprint for Prison Reforms

Modern prisons and technology can be facilitators but will not usher in reforms without progressive laws based on correctional and rehabilitation philosophy. Article by Upneet Lalli, Deputy Director, Institute of Correctional Administration, Chandigarh, India (Source: The Tribune)

(236.38 KB) | 25. August 2015 | Author: Fraser Bryans
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