Technology Solutions


To promote the advancement of corrections through ICT & Technology enabled business transformation, based on available research, supported by proven solutions and methodologies.


  1. Assemble and share technology solutions, implementations and digital strategy development practices across jurisdictions
  2. Promote and support research and evaluation practices related to the usage of technology in Corrections
  3. Challenge ICT and technology providers to address specific corrections-specific needs and problems
  4. Support world-wide members to use technology for improving the effective delivery of correctional services, improve efficiency and effectiveness
  5. Support the development and usage of technology and data/information standards

Key Activities:

  • Promoting research in Technology by bringing researchers together to share plans and outcomes in the field
  • Promoting innovation and corrections-focussed IT and technology solutions by organisation discussions and events.
  • Sharing best practices, strategies and open-source solutions

Members of the Group:

  • Simon Bonk – CIO – Correctional Service of Canada
  • Rick Davis – CIO – Department of Corrections Virginia – US
  • Ankur Kathuria – CIO – Namibian Correctional Service
  • Kuai Ser Leng – Deputy Director Tranformational Projects – Singapore Prison Service
  • Zoran Brzakovic – CIO – Australian Community Support Organisation (ACSO)
  • Dr. Victoria Knight – The Montfort University – UK
  • Francis Toye – Unilink
  • Kevin Skipper – Southern Folger
  • Dave Lageweg – Telio
  • Benny Goedbloed – Ebo Enterprises
  • Diana Atchison – Core Systems
  • Steven Van De Steene – Smart Corrections

Documents & Links:

2nd Technology in Corrections Conference:

Technological Disparity Across Prison Services

The Technology Solutions Group: Digital Transformation of Corrections

Use of Technology in Offender Management

Bucharest 2016 Meeting Overview