Prison Operations Group


The creation of a focal point of prison operations expertise, the members of whom may be drawn upon by ICPA Members with respect to nominated topics.


  1. To increase the capacity of the ICPA to meet member needs for contemporary best practice concerning prison operations issues across a wide range of jurisdictions taking in all continents and states of development and resourcing
  2. To create within the ICPA a listing of persons regarded as experts in various fields who are prepared to make themselves available in some capacity (specified) to Member States, departments, donors and others undertaking this work in the widest range of countries/jurisdictions.


  • James De Groot, USA
  • Sjharn Leeson, Australia
  • Bill Carroll, Australia
  • Lioba Rist, Australia
  • Patrick Aboud, Australia
  • Roger Holding, Australia
  • Gabriela Slovakova, Czech Republic
  • Dennis Roach, Australia
  • Michael Boswell, Australia
  • Sarah Payne, Wales
  • Paula Milino, Canada
  • Steve Cox, England
  • Douglas Tomkin, Australia
  • Peter Bezuidenhout, Australia
  • Madhusudhan Jayarama, Australia
  • Rohan Lulham, Australia
  • Richard Stedman, England
  • Paul Crookall, Canada
  • Paula Milino, Canada
  • Zoia Khasia, Kyrgyzstan
  • Anthony Amaechi, England
  • Dr. Mary Livers, United States
  • Georg Placzek, Kuwait
  • Fareeda Abdulla, Bahrain


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