Community Corrections


To move evidence and innovation into practice.


To increase the understanding of and promote the use of community based options as an integral part of the criminal justice continuum.


  1. Explore the development of a global clearing house of evidence informed practices and models for community based options.
  2. Identify individuals with specific areas of expertise in community based options who should be invited to join the community corrections network.
  3. Promote innovation and research development in conjunction with the research and development network.


  • Jackie Bray
  • Jennifer Cameron
  • Rosemary Caruana
  • Michael D. Clark
  • Victor Dickson
  • Kylie Garrett
  • Lusanne Green
  • Jason Hainsworth
  • Scnil Lad
  • Michelle Micallef
  • Mirjam Michi
  • Shifa Mpabaisi
  • Steve Pitts
  • Ursula Roeder
  • Meunajo Tjiroze
  • Diane Williams
  • Michelle Wood


The Potential of community Corrections to improve Safety and Reduce Incarceration

Implementing Evidence-based Practice in Community Corrections the Principles of Effective Intervention