Key Events

NCCHC Correctional Health Care Leadership Institutes

28th July 2017

Today’s correctional environment demands a lot of its leaders. In a complex and changing world, learning is more essential than ever. At the Leadership Institutes, correctional physicians, other clinicians and administrators will gather to learn from one another and from expert speakers. Gain fresh perspectives, explore new ideas and learn effective strategies for taking a multidimensional approach to correctional health care. The conference also offers targeted networking opportunities, exhibits and some leisure time to explore Las Vegas. We hope you will join us for this exceptional educational event offered only once a year. For more information regarding the conference or to register, please CLICK HERE

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NCCHC Correctional Mental Health Care Conference

30th July 2017

The Correctional Mental Health Care Conference is a unique opportunity for correctional health professionals to convene with peers and experts in the field, exchange ideas and discuss solutions. This conference has been designed for you, to help you find solutions to chronic and emerging issues. Meet others facing comparable challenges and learn how to improve patient outcomes. The conference features two full days of focused mental health discussions, 30 educational sessions and special networking events to help you make lifelong connections. For more information and to register for the conference, please CLICK HERE

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ACA’s 147th Congress of Correction

18th August 2017

ACA’s 147th Congress of Correction is an engaging, thought-provoking, five-day event offering multiple ways to network with industry professionals, find a mentor, get a sneak peek at emerging technology, and hone your leadership skills. + More Information & Registration

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American Probation and Parole Association’s 42nd Annual Training Institute

27th August 2017

The American Probation and Parole Association is pleased announce their 42nd Annual Training Institute in New York City, August 27-30, 2017. The underlying goal of this training institute is to provide participants with workshop opportunities that emphasize skill-building, increase relevant competencies, and enhance overall career development. Because of this, preference will be given to workshop proposals that provide evidence of skill-building for participants (i.e., activities, audience participation, practicing new skills) as well as significant knowledge enhancement and new research for the field of community corrections. Institute participants include the judiciary, treatment providers, criminal justice researchers, and others who are interested in the field (pretrial, probation, parole, and community programming).   […]

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3rd World Congress on Probation

12th September 2017

Japan cordially invites you to attend the Third World Congress on Probation, where we look forward to welcoming practitioners and academics involved in community-based treatment of offenders from all over the world. Practitioners, academics and citizens involved in community-based treatment of offenders are invited to attend this World Congress. The Congress attendees, coming from all around the world, will share their knowledge and experience in the fields of probation, parole, pre-trial procedure, residential services, community corrections, juvenile justice and so on for the purpose of enhancing community-based treatment measures. The World Congress on Probation―the world’s largest forum in its field―aims to promote and develop community-based treatment of offenders by sharing […]

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ICPA’s 20th AGM and Annual Conference – SAVE THE DATE!

21st October 2018

Join us in Montréal for our 20th anniversary event!

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