Peter van der Sande

Peter van der Sande has been President of ICPA since September 2011 now, for a first term until end of the year 2015. He was elected in this role at the ICPA Annual Conference in Singapore. As President, he is the Chair of the ICPA Board and represents the Association on many occasions and in various relationships worldwide. On behalf of the Board he precedes the strategy and new developments of the Association, like the strengthening of the Regional Chapters within ICPA.

Before he was elected President of ICPA, Peter van der Sande has worked as (deputy) General Director of the Custodial Institutions Agency of The Netherlands for over ten years, managing prisons, correctional institutions for juvenile offenders, forensic psychiatric centers and illegal immigrants detention centers. Before that, he had been working in various management positions in the Ministry of Education in The Netherlands for almost 25 years.

Peter is also a Board member (Treasurer) of EuroPris, Chair of the Supervisory Board of Caribbean Netherlands Probation, a member of the Netherlands Helsinki Committee on Human Rights, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Volunteer Organization on Prisoners Care (‘Gevangenenzorg’) in The Netherlands.