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4th Edition of Advancing Corrections Journal & Call for Papers: Issue #5

The International Corrections and Prisons Association is pleased to announce the fourth issue of the journal “Advancing Corrections”.

This 4th Edition of Advancing Corrections continues with our ambition to become the premier international, practitioner-oriented Journal in corrections. Once again, we are pleased to include contributions from around the world – the US, England, Ireland, Singapore, Belgium, Australia, Argentina and Chile.

The theme for this 4th Edition was also particularly ambitious. We welcomed Featured Articles that would highlight “integrated system-level innovation in how rehabilitative services are delivered – either in prison or in the community”. For our Views and Reviews section, we asked for “qualitative studies of how offenders actually experience the services we provide, and the challenges that staff experience in delivering them”. And in our Practice Innovation section we were pleased to receive contributions describing the significant efforts being made to reform corrections in Latin and South America despite, as one of the authors remarked, the precarious conditions in many of those countries.

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Advancing Corrections Journal Edition #5 – Call for Papers Closes on 16 February 2018!

The Journal invites submission of papers that can be digested and appreciated by practitioners, managers, policy-makers and other correctional professionals. Authors are welcomed to submit papers for one of three sections of the Journal. Featured Articles should be more research oriented and scholarly, including the usual practice of referencing the relevant literature. Another section called Views and Commentaries welcomes shorter and thoughtful discussions of a particularly relevant or emerging issue/topic. And finally, a section we are calling Practice Innovation in Corrections would like to profile what is going on in a given agency/jurisdiction that is especially innovative and can be of interest broadly to others.

Each issue of Advancing Corrections focuses on a particular Theme. For the 5th issue, we would like to profile applied research that has helped improve practice in some significant way. For example, this could be research that has focused on improving offender assessment procedures, case management and/or sentence planning, programming or other broader service-delivery strategies, offender and/or staff well-being, or the correctional environment more generally. What we are looking for is research that has had direct and practical application in improving corrections operations and effectiveness, either in the prison or the community context. Being an international Journal, we also welcome contributions from both developed and developing correctional systems.

In submitting your manuscript, we ask that you provide a succinct summary of how your paper relates to this theme.

Call for Papers and Guidelines for Authors for the Journal

For the next issue of Advancing Corrections we ask that you submit your paper electronically by 16 February 2018 to Aleksandar Petrov at the ICPA Head Office (, with a copy to Dr. Frank Porporino, Chair of the ICPA Research and Development Network and Editor of the Journal (