3rd Edition of Advancing Corrections Journal & Call for Papers: Issue #4

The International Corrections and Prisons Association is pleased to announce the third issue of the journal “Advancing Corrections”.

This Edition focuses on the theme of ‘innovative approaches for service-delivery to offenders’. In a recent Strategic Planning session, the ICPA Board endorsed the promotion of evidence-informed practices as one of ICPA’s top three priorities, and so the theme is timely. Modern correctional agencies need to assess the merits of an increasing number of potential innovations (e.g., adopting new technology for services delivery to offenders), or changes in existing practice (e.g., assessment, case management, intervention, or other service-delivery frameworks). What will most likely improve performance is not always clear — is there strong enough evidence to support the change in the context of other agency circumstances, would the new approach be feasible to implement, how much can it be expected to enhance performance, are there alternatives or options … etc.? There is an abundant and ever-growing amount of research evidence to support change in practice in corrections. Unfortunately, many attempts at change can end up as being true ‘on paper’ but no t on the ground (e.g., outlined only in policy), or even more often, fragmented or superficial without much meaningful impact. The papers in this Edition give a different perspective – the possibility of thoughtful, planned, integrated and meaningful change.

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Advancing Corrections Journal Edition #4 – Call for Papers Closes on 15 July 2017!

Each issue of Advancing Corrections focuses on a particular Theme. For the fourth issue, we would like to build on the Theme of our 19th Annual ICPA Conference and highlight ‘Innovation in Rehabilitation’. We would especially welcome manuscripts for our Featured Articles section that describe ‘system-level’ innovation in how rehabilitative services are delivered – either in prison or in the community. What we are looking for are not examples of single, programmatic approaches but broader, integrated strategies that attempt to improve the way that rehabilitative services are delivered ‘as a whole’. These could be descriptions of services delivered in the prison setting, the community, or ideally, with appropriate continuity from prison and into the community. Importantly, there should be qualitative or quantitative evaluation data to support the models or frameworks that are described.

For our Views and Reviews section, we want to highlight the views of both the clients of our correctional services and the staff who deliver them. Qualitative analyses of these front-line perspectives are welcomed. Of special interest would be studies of how offenders actually experience the ‘services’ we provide, and the challenges that staff experience in delivering them – again, either in prison or the community.

Call for Papers and Guidelines for Authors for the Journal:

For the next issue of Advancing Corrections we ask that you submit your paper electronically by 15 July 2017 to Aleksandar Petrov at the ICPA Head Office (aleksandarpetrov@icpa.ca), with a copy to Dr. Frank Porporino, Chair of the ICPA Research and Development Expert Group and Editor of the Journal (fporporino@rogers.com).


Author: Dr. Frank Porporino