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Launch of a Public Acceptability Survey on the Prisoners’ Access to Digital Technology

15th February 2017

Researchers at De Montfort University in the UK (Knight and Hadlington) have recently launched a survey to capture the public’s attitudes towards prisoners’ access to digital technology in prison. This research is the first of its kind and will provide valuable analysis about how the public feels about prisoners using technology during their prison sentences. […]

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The Technology Solutions Group: Digital Transformation of Corrections.

15th February 2017

ICPA encourages the use of technology, based on available research, to assist with the management in custody and in the community of offenders and to support their education and skill development. People and organisations are impacted on the way technology today is changing our lives on a daily basis. The use of technology changes the […]

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Prepaid Cards Become the Newest Inmate at Finnish Prisons

7th November 2016

Prepaid cards are being deployed to all 26 of Finland’s prisons and their 3,000 inmates. The programme will eventually enable the entire prison service to go cashless, by making it possible for all inmates to make purchases both inside and outside of prison using this innovative method of electronic payment. General purpose prepaid cards operate […]

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