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Wild Horse Inmate Program

Insight Inside: Colorado DOC

11th March 2016

Since 1871, the state of Colorado’s Department of Corrections has a proud history of serving the citizens of Colorado by maintaining and enhancing public safety. Currently over 6,300 correctional professionals supervise approximately 20,000 offenders in secure prisons and nearly 9,000 parolees. The Colorado Department of Corrections provides for the effective management of criminal offenders in controlled […]

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Plans are Useless but Planning is Essential

11th March 2016

Both of these statements are paraphrases from two famous men who dramatically altered the outcome of World War II: Eisenhower and Churchill.  While both statements were made in the context of military actions, their relevance in the global evolution of prison systems is apropos. In nations that practice the rule of law, one could say […]

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body armour

Keeping Corrections Officers Safe; A Look At Body Armor

11th March 2016

Corrections Officers have a very clear and present need for body armor, as the environments they work in can be extremely dangerous. However, many prison services throughout the world still do not provide body armor to their Officers, and those that do often use outdated and unreliable vests. These cannot be assured of their protection, […]

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Implementing Information Technology in Corrections in the Developing World

11th March 2016

As corrections in the developing world moves away from punishment and towards the challenges of rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders, corrections officials are searching for ways to improve both their efficiency and effectiveness. There is often a lack of resources available to manage and provide quality correctional services, even when the will to do so […]

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University of New Brunswick – Offender Case Management Study

9th February 2016

Researchers at the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies at the University of New Brunswick Saint John Campus are conducting a survey on current offender case management and supervision practices in the field. The purpose of the current study is to gather information to help inform case management application procedures and training development for staff. This […]

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Yellow Ribbon Project Czech

2nd February 2016

Yellow Ribbon Run helps to break down prejudice. Its ambition is to draw attention to employment of ex-offenders. Very unusual relay-teams will stand on the track of the Volkswagen Prague Marathon this year with the motto ‘Runaway from prejudice!’ The relay teams will be made up of inmates, ex-offenders, Czech Prison Service representatives, the Office of Ombudsman […]

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2015 ICPA Awards Winners!

25th January 2016

The International Corrections and Prisons Association is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2015 Awards Programme – a recognition for their contribution to the development and progress of the professional corrections. Congratulations to the 2015 Winners: Offender Management and Reintegration Award Gobierno del Estado de Chihuahua – Mexico The award was given because of […]

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“Minus the urinals and painted pink”? What should a women’s prison look like?

11th January 2016

Historically prison buildings have largely been designed for the majority male prisoner population. However, the growing understanding that women who offend are different from men − from their typical backgrounds and the nature of their offences, to their experience of abuse and their care-taking responsibilities is also leading architects and planners to consider how prison facilities might also be designed […]

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ICPA’s 18th AGM and Annual Conference – Call for Papers and Registration NOW OPEN!

2nd December 2015

ICPA returns to Europe for its 18th Annual Conference with the theme ‘Correctional Leadership: Engaging Hearts and Minds’ in Bucharest hosted by the National Administration of Penitentiaries. Mark your calendar and plan to join us in Romania 2016! To submit your proposal or to register for the conference, please visit www.icpa.ca/bucharest2016 To view the ‘Invitation to […]

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Southern African Journal of Criminology – Reports on ICPA 2014 Namibia

16th September 2015

The Research & Development Committee of ICPA is pleased to announce the publication of a Special Edition of the Southern African Journal of Criminology (Volume 1, 2015) on the theme of “Change in African Corrections – From Incarceration to Reintegration”. This was the theme of the 16th Annual ICPA Conference held in Windhoek, Namibia and […]

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