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ACA’s 146th Congress of Correction, Boston August 2016

27th September 2016

More than 3,000 correctional professionals gathered August 5-10 for the ACA summer conference in Boston.  Panel discussions, presentations, and over 100 workshops on facility design, accreditation preparedness, and staff training were featured.  Information on the new UN Mandela Rules for the treatment of prisoners was highlighted. In addition, the huge exhibition hall housed over 200 […]

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1st Edition of Beyond the Wall

23rd September 2016

“Beyond the Wall” is a publication which brings knowledge and best practices from all over the world. This newsletter is for those who would like to be kept informed with the most up-to-date information across the prisons and correctional field and to stay abreast of what’s happening in our Association. The publication is full of […]

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Romanian National Folklore Festival for Prisoners – 2nd Edition

13th September 2016

National Prison Administration in collaboration with the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti” organized in Bucharest “The National Folklore Festival for Prisoners”. The festival took place on 9th of September. More than 70 detainees from 23 detention facilities had an extensive artistic program structured into three distinct sections : folk music , folk dances and a […]

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ICPA Provides Its Members a Platform for Connecting Professionals

11th July 2016

  As a member of ICPA you can use the CONNECT service to reach out to others within our network, add them to your contacts list, and send messages through the system without compromising personal details. You can also use this service to filter, search and locate other individuals or agencies by their expertise, products […]

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Guidelines for the Implementation of Mother-Child Units in Canadian Correctional Facilities

1st June 2016

These guidelines are predicated on the clear and compelling evidence that early mother-infant bonding supports positive future outcomes for the child, and that the child has a right to non-discrimination. In this document, we describe guiding principles, and the practices that are required for optimal child and maternal health inside a correctional facility, including the […]

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High Down

Insight Inside: HMP High Down – Providing a Solid Foundation for Reintegration

31st May 2016

Opened in 1992 High down is situated opposite HMP Downview in Sutton. Built on the site of a former mental hospital at Banstead, the establishment serves the Crown Court at Guildford and Croydon and surrounding magistrate courts. HMP High Down is a category B local, male prison and it has the operational capacity of 1163 inmates. The prison […]

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RTA Skill Wheels-Together

An Art-Inspired Innovative Approach Changes Prisoner Behaviour – A Case Study

31st May 2016

Most criminal justice experts are skeptical when an arts-based non-profit organization claims to have developed a rehabilitation program that improves prison morale and makes prison safer…yet alone makes the population more respectful and work more cooperatively…and, seemingly impossible, helps prisoners build the life skills they need to make it on the outside.  Skeptical is an […]

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Exposure to Trauma among Women Offenders: A Review of the Literature

31st May 2016

Given high rates of trauma among women offenders and evidence of positive gains associated with support in this area, trauma and trauma-informed treatment should be available for women with histories of physical and sexual abuse or other traumatic experiences. All of the Correctional Service of Canada’s (CSC’s) programs for women offenders are trauma-informed; in addition, […]

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Turning Research into Action

31st May 2016

Few would dispute that in advancing corrections, or progressive criminal justice policy more generally, we should be guided by ‘evidence’. We keep hearing the refrain that what we do should be evidence-based. But what evidence should we be using, where is it, how do we find it, and how do we try to understand it. […]

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Developing Correctional Leaders: A Training Workshop for African Corrections Professionals

31st May 2016

Under the auspices of the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA), the African Correctional Services Association (ACSA) and the Namibian Correctional Service (NCS), 38 corrections professionals from 11 African nations met for a five day intensive training session on Developing Correctional Leaders. The training was held in Omaruru, Namibia at the Lucius S. Mahoto Correctional […]

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